My Warszawa Trip

My Warszawa Trip

I went to Warsaw from Kiev to Kiev via UIA (Ukranian International Airways). The biggest reason why I chose UIA was the reasonable price. I canceled my trip to London for the exchange of tickets requested by THY for the price of the ticket. I doubt the precedence, but a really good airline company can be preferred.

I saw a city in the middle of the forest when I was looking through the glass while touring the plane over Warsaw. It was very different for me to get used to seeing the concrete forest towns. Where the hell is the city?

Polish currency Zloty, in June 2017, the Turkish Lira and Zloty were almost the same value. There is a “Kantor Exchange” near the exit of Chopin Airport. I made a change here, but later I noticed that it was dry low. Be very careful with the currencies, maybe because of this, even the screens on the subway have instant curiosity.

You must be very careful when you make money in Warsaw. Exchange bureaus first offer you a very low exchange rate, they negotiate when you know what you know. Before you enter the exchange office, make sure that the Buying and Selling currencies are written on the stickers.

One of my friends I contacted before arriving told me that they would definitely get a lot of money from the airport or they would get a lot of money. I took a ride with a company named “Super Taxi”. 30 Zloty between Chopin Airport and Jana Kazimierza. It is a reasonable number for an area that can be counted as an airport and city center. The airport is not far away, maybe it is the factor but it came to me very reasonable. You can use it in UBER if you want it, it will cost you about 20 Zloty.

You do not need a car in Warsaw, the public transport is very organized, and you can get on public transport and rental bicycles everywhere. I will be talking about public transport and bicycle again below.

I have found the place to stay with my AirBNB, the first time I used AirBNB and I was worried. I stayed in a house in the vana area “Jana Kazimierza”. My hosts were university students and very helpful. I want to thank them from here.

When I was in the street where I would stay I had to reach the hosts but I did not open my line abroad and I did not get a line in Poland. I did not have a chance to search and Internet. That’s the only problem with AirBNB. I lucked in front of the place where I would be lucky to stay in Koskoca street. There is a small market chain called Żabka in Poland, something between our BIM and Migros. Sometimes grocery up to sometimes 5M Migros. I entered Żabka in order to reach the hosts and asked me if there was a phone on the line. He told me to go to the tourist office to get a line and sign up. There was no prepaid phone.

At that time a young man in the shop helped but we could not reach the hosts. He was not turning on your phone. I started to wait, afterwards I learned that my host was there when I returned to the missed call.

I did not go out the first day when I was tired. We drank coffee and chatted.

The next day I prepared early in the morning. The first attentive streets were cleaning, there were no rubbish or cigarettes in the place. Even at the bus stops, there was not even a single butt on the floor. I started walking on the map. Polish signs and writings everywhere. I do not understand anything. Walking, Walking When I came close to Rondo Daszyńskiego, there was a Bilety machine at the bus stop. The device of course has Polish, English option but I have not seen it.

I asked for help from the deacon. Together we took the snapshot and showed me where to go on the map.

I ran into the bus and landed at the Uniwersytet stop. I walked to Nowy Swiat. I came to a children’s festival by chance.

I roamed in wonderful parks, I almost went in and out everywhere.

After eating something, I went to Mazowiecka. My hosts said Saturday night that this street is very fun. Night life in Warsaw is very cheap compared to Turkey. I went into various places on this street until 4:00 pm. I went to the bus stop to return to the place I was staying after, but I could not find the night bus. After a few hours of conversation, the normal buses started to work and I turned around the other day.

It was noon after a little rest and sleep. I went to the Centrum Nauki Copernicus along the Vistul river. I ate something on the edge of Vistul. I walked. I even met a beach.

On Monday, my Erasmus + mission started and I went early (UKSW) to Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie.

It was not easy to reach the university on the first day, I am lost once. Maybe I changed the car five times. Afterwards I learned that I can only reach with 1 vehicle.

I was very surprised when I first got to UKSW. There was no security check, no walls … I walked in by shaking my hand.

I went to the Centrum Laboratoryjne Nauk Przyrodniczych building and I began to be in the examinations here. I was here from Monday to Friday.

I had the opportunity to observe server rooms, 3D printers, students’ virtual reality projects, 3D digital course materials, vehicle simulation room and observation of working environments.

Since I left UKSW on Friday night, I went to the Prague area opposite Vistul. Warsaw is a city that has suffered a lot in World War II. Almost all but the Prague area has collapsed. Every bit of this area smells of history. The Warsaw Stadium is also close to this area.

I went to Łazienki Park on Saturday. This is a park that you should definitely go. It’s a very romantic place. There is also a Chopin monument, music concerts, a summer palace that rises from the tables set in the middle of a small lake.

There is also the monument of King Sobieski (III. Jan Sobieski), who won the only military success of the Polish people in the past. II. Merzifonlu in the Siege of Vienna is known as the king who defeated Mustafa Pasha. In this monument there are two soldiers under Sobieski’s horse. The shields and foes on the left and right of the statue represent the Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Paşayı and the Ottoman soldier.

After lunch I ate at a cafe on the street called Rozbrat. I love this crap. After meals, I went to the old town center called Old Town. It was a great place, the road from Old Town to Nowy Swiat was closed to traffic because it was Saturday. Everywhere people walk, street musicians, dancers keep the streets alive.

On Sunday I had separated Warsaw from the regions I had never visited. I went to Ghetto, and I feel embarrassed to be a person when I learned what happened here.

They are gathering Jews and collecting them over time. Today, only the first floor of the building where these massacres were built and part of the wall stands.

They told the Jews they had taken Nazi officers here that they would take the money and kill it if they said, “If you bring that much money, we’ll quit you.”

The population of 1,300,000 in 1939 fell to 422,000 in 1946. I leave your dreams to your imagination.

Warsaw is a city that entered into Communism and Russian domination after World War II. There is a building that the Russians made as gifts in 1955. The 237-meter-high building is the Palace of Culture and Science building. Even though it’s a very flashy building, the cold rus effect on the building is bouncing right in the face. What’s not in the building? Cinemas, Theaters, Sports Clubs ….

A little further from this unit you reach the center of the city, here you have the central train station. The PKP named railway company has 3 kinds of train service. Normal, Fast, Very Fast trains.

Obviously the city center did not mean much to me beside other places.

On Sunday I took the train from Warsaw to Krakow and ended the trip to Warsaw.

What to eat

There is something big about the Mantine that says Dumplings, the contents can be very diverse.

There is spaghetti tomato soup, boiled spaghetti is added to the soup during the order.

I can describe Zapiekanka as a bread-topped pizza. I did not like it very much.

Polish Sour Rye soup, I ordered the lentil soup, thinking I was looking at the sweetener, it was not.

One of the things that impressed me most in Warsaw was the regularity of intra-city transportation. At the Metro, Tram and Bus stops there are timelines you can see in the picture below. I can understand that the tram and subway will follow the timetables, but what about the bus? I was very impressed by the fact that the buses in the city stopped at the time when they wrote this chart and that the distance between the two stops was within the specified time. People are so accustomed to this situation that when they give each other an appointment, they call it “14:57 Ordona stop”.

There is an application called Jakdojade, so you can easily learn and plan how to go where in Warsaw.

There are machines for getting bus tickets, you can use your credit card on these machines. There are various tickets. I chose the 72-hour ticket. You can take as many public transports as you want within 72 hours from the first time you use it. A ticket is valid for all vehicles. Already you do not ask for tickets on Trams and Buses, you only read them at the entrance of the subway. I can explain with social respect that everyone is buying tickets even though no one asks.


With a full bicycle town, wide streets, bicycle paths, parks, courteous and rule-wise drivers, you can ride a bike here in Warsaw and you can rent a bicycle as a member of Veturilo. And the first half hour is free for every use.