Krakow: Dragon’s City

Krakow: Dragon’s City

I came from Warsaw to Krakow with PKP train. The train was comfortable and moder. 220V There were electrical outlets and internet connection. After about 5 hours of travel, the help was to the Krakow terminal.

The thing that caught my attention most of the journey was the greenery that was never cut along the way. A journey through the glorious landscapes, the gardens in the forest, the farms in the wide plains float in the sea of dreams.

Krakow Bus and Railway Station The Galeria Krakow is a well-thought-out, well-thought-out building in the center of the city, passing through a shopping center.

I compared the cycling police policemen I saw on my way out of Galeria Krakow to traffic.

The day I went to Krakow, it was official in Poland. I had booked a hostel through I took the tram to the hostel. I do not know how they got that much score there. It was a terrible place. Due to the official holiday, all the hotels and AirBNB rooms were full. I went to Hostel Yellow, which I saw on the road before. When I walked in, I came across a well maintained, clean and spacious hostel. I’il take you to the lady in the reception. He said there was room for one person. I hope. I said I did, I realized that the same place was previously booked on when I was doing transactions. He said he might be canceled but we should not wait until 18:00. He checked and confirmed that the credit card was valid, whether the person paid or not. I did not stay in this hostel. Even if I did not stay there I was pleased with the care and well-being of the place.

When I came out, I kept looking at, making a reservation for the first time I found it with panic. This reservation I made without looking for location was somewhere outside the center of Krakow. I canceled within 5 minutes and I had a shortage of wages.

The first day in Krakow started with pain.

I decided to look again at the AirBNB. I looked for pages and found a place at the end of the messaging. This was a hostel but it was much better than the first hostel.

They gave me a locker and a bunk on the top floor. I settled in, got rested and went out.

Krakow is a lucky city, almost unharmed by world wars where the whole of Europe is located. Streets of history, landmarks, market areas. It is possible to travel without modern objects and businesses in your area.

Barbikan, who greeted me first in Krakow, was a large park around. It was like princesses around tables, bastions, walls and tables.

Barbican is a small fortress, not a fortress, but a checkpoint and a shelter.

It’s a place like this.

As you walk past Barbican and into Market Square, you are passing through a narrow and long door under a hood and you are in the middle of the hoop … Street musicians welcome you at the door. Since Krakow is a tourist area, there are street musicians everywhere. They make traditional and classical music.

This is the view you see when you walk out the door and look at your right …

Other street musicians …

fter a long walk, you reach Market Square. It’s a very crowded, big challenge. It is also used for concerts.

The phaetons are gathered in the middle of the pavilion square. There are buildings, shops around. In the middle of the square there is a historical bazaar, a rescued church next to the bazaar and a cathedral by the side. A live trumpet is played every hour from the two towers of the cathedral. Every moment is stopping and listening. The inside of the cathedral is closed to visit.

We can think of the market building as the smallest of the Kapali Carsi in Istanbul. There are souvenir stands and restaurants outside.

The carriages in Market Square are white, the horses are beautifully decorated and, unlike ours, they are extremely well maintained. All of the drivers are wearing ladies, boots and high hats.

After leaving this area, I was lost many times and all the streets like Market Square were promised every time “All the way to Rome”.

The surrounding buildings are all alike, and on this street all the streets are the same, you have to identify yourself to find a place you’ve already visited and liked again. My sign was this guy…

There are so many promotional staffs in the streets and most of them are ladies. “Our place is very nice, there are special shows, you are now listening to things like discounts”. I’ve always been away from these places because they warned me in the hostel. They said it was a trap to rob you.

The second warning seemed to be the “Follow the White Rabbit” warning in the Matrix. Do not get involved with the umbrellas that say “Free Tour”.

At the Market Square, take the cathedral to your left, take the Market building to your left and the wide street across you will take you to the Vistula side, the Wavel Castle and the dragon sculpture. You can reach the Jewish District by following the Vistula along the same streets and staying on the right side of the Wavel Castle.

A scene I encountered at the entrance of the castle, a bicycle town in Krakow, you can go cycling everywhere.

Wavel Castle is a high-walled fortress on the edge of the Vistula river that has never been warped. It’s as if the day it was first built is now surrounded by vines.

There are three towers, right next to the interior of the last tower, as can be understood from Sandomierska, Zlodziejska, Senatorska.

There is a big building on your right (ticket office) where you enter the Kaleye Bernardynska gate, and terraces overlooking the Vistula in your breath. The terraces are very enjoyable.

You walk by the big building and you reach the garden from the Zlodziejska tower. The entrance of the cathedral will dazzle your golden dome.

You will pass through a beautiful garden and reach your inner calm, your personal idea is that this part does not fit well. You will see wall paintings on some of the inner castle balconies. The other side is associated with a living fire as far as I can remember.

When you reach the cathedral, you will encounter tremendous stone workmanship. Inside is a cemetery. High-ranking clergy and royal family members were buried here. You should definitely visit the cathedral.

When you come out of the house and come to the edge of the Vistula, you will see the Dragon Sculpture, the lucky side you are patient enough, you can see the flames coming out of your mouth.

There are restaurant boats on the edge of the vistula, you can eat here.

I suggest you go to the Jewish District in the evening. It’s a hamlet and small bar like in Budapest. There are healthy, left-handed bars. The items and photos used in the decorations of the bars are very close to us. There are black and white photographs with fescue, mustache, classic accessories we are accustomed to see in Turkey.

Auschwitz – Birkenau

As you all know, Auschwitz is a concentration camp. I did not want to go because I knew that some of the books, documents and films I read, despite the fact that the tour companies had affordable tours and made it everywhere, and that I learned to live there and deeply regret it.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

It was this salt mine where the most advertising was done with Auschwitz, I had no time to go, and I was very sad that I missed it.

If you want to make a journey in the Middle Ages you should definitely see Krakow.

Bonus, the most beautiful photo I took in Krakow