Budapest Trip

Budapest Trip

I went to Budapest after Warsaw and Krakow. He helped me from Krakow to Budapest with Polski Bus and a bus ride for 9 hours. Actually there was a flight alternative, but the night bus came to me more economically. We traveled from Slovakia on the bus journey. Passport control on the border of Slovakia or police point in the way I am a strange experiment because I am accustomed to stopping at police safety even 3 times from Antep to Ankara.

I reached the Metro from the bus terminal to reach the pre-set room with AirBNB in ​​Budapest. After a little walk, I reached the apartment where I stayed at Wesselenyi Utca (Utca means street).

The area I was staying was the Jewish district called Jewish District, and on the street I was there was the biggest synagogue in Europe, called The Great Synagogue. In this synagogue, there are high security measures that draw the most attention. High barbed wire around him, alarms, cameras and constantly roaming security guards. One evening, when the little girl next to her father, who was walking in front of her, touched the wires, the alarm went into effect and the security immediately came to the area. The inside of the synagogue was very spectacular. In the streets there were many people and children in classical Jewish outfits.

When I looked through the window of the room I stayed in, Kazinczy Utca’s street had a dining concept called Karavan. Here you can find all kinds of food in different caravans standing side by side. Even the caravan’s Wifi encryption was well chosen for the concept “ilovestreetfood” at least in June 2017.

As it was exhausting for the night journey, I rested for a few hours and then took the map of Budapest and dropped it on the roads.

When I left Wesselenyi Utca and left the synagogue, I left Astoria and from there I started to walk to the Danube river. When I came to the Liberty Bridge, I was really happy to see the Turul icons on their towers. For years, everyone around me was here when I was telling you the meaning of your step.

When I walked across the bridge, I saw the Cave Church in Gellért Hill and the small castle above it (Citadel). The Citadel was built between 1850 and 1854 by the Australian Habsburgs.

It was built to protect and control the city during the Hungarian War of Independence. In 1947, the Russians built a Memorial of Freedom to commemorate their rescue of the city from the Nazi Occupation. How much freedom is under Russian Communism … The exit to Citadel was quite tiring, but the view I saw on my way made all my tiredness forget.

It was all under my Budapest feet.

After spending a little tour around the little castle, I started down the hill to go to the actual castle. In the middle of the city is a pink water bottle in a jungle.

There are two kinds of water sold in the markets here. The blue cap is a little less gasy than the sodan we know. The pink one is normal. I sat down next to the statue of Gellért Hill overlooking the Danube river.

After resting for a while, I went back again. It made me happy to see 2 T1’s in a row for someone who was like me in the past. After a short walk, I walked to Budapest (Budavári Palota), accompanied by the spectacular bicycles I saw.

It made me feel at home here to see the Ottoman traces. I do not know why Ottoman domination is the reason for the turquoise color of the roofs of the castle, but it was very good. You feel different feelings when you walk in the hall. There were rock music concerts in my wonderfully arranged garden on the dates I was there.

This castle is also known as the Royal Palace. Within the Castle are the Budapest History Museum, the Hungarian National Gallery and the National Szechenyi Library. There is a wonderful terrace, gardens and signs inside the castle area.

I compared the first of the step back to the castle hill. We even had a photo together …

Below are some photos you can find.

I walked across the Danube again from the magnificent Chain Bridge. I sat down on the banks of the Danube river and rested and returned to the area where I stayed. There were maybe 10-12m2 small shit bars and fast food restaurants on the streets in this area.

On the first day, I had dinner at Burger King in the area where Blaha Lujza station was.

In Hungary, the famous slut bar concept evolves after your comunity. I have seen similar bars in the Krakow Jewish District. I think it’s just a coincidence that two similar concepts have been encountered in the Jewish Districts in different cities. In this concept, it is used more as an old-fashioned décor. Every bar is an antiquarian, antique shop. They all have a separate air. At the same time, the garden bar in Budapest, the concept of a passageway bar is also very common, there are places like flower passages, but again a salty concept. Drink prices are very reasonable. You are very likely to encounter a wide variety of beer. There’s even a Beer Festival. I could love to try Bernard brand beer.

Turkish restaurants are very common, you can see restaurants and tourists everywhere saying “Török Etterem” – say Török.

The second day I got up in the morning and had breakfast, then I joined the bus tour called Hop on Hop Off. I have two different routes I prefer the yellow route. I got off the bus at Astoria. Actually Astoria is the 4th stop in tour. Below you can see the tour map. If you go to Budapest, you should definitely do this tour. If you prefer summer months, make sure you have a hat on your side and it is very necessary to have an open-air bus.

After the bus tour I started to walk again. I like to explore a city so I always find myself in the street as I walk in and out of the alleys. This street called Váci Utca and its surroundings are constantly crowded and everywhere is filled with shops, cafes. The bazaar is made up of streets and streets running parallel to the Danube on the Liberty bridge. A pleasant and lively area.

You should also visit the Budapest Central Market Hall on the Liberty Bridge of Váci Utca. Here you can find many kinds of products, from greengrocers to textile products.

I felt hungry when the evening hours came. Right next to the Liberty Bridge I got a Turkish restaurant. There were yoghurt and sauce inside, unlike our return.

After your meal, I stepped right into Stephen’s Basilica. It has an incredibly beautiful architecture. Though we can say that for all of Budapest. All the streets and houses smell of history. Even maintenance-free buildings have a history and a history. The house I stayed at was maybe 100 years old.

St. Stephen’s Basilica has become a meeting and meeting place for people and on this side the basilica is filled with cafes and bars. One of the things I was most surprised was that people drank their drinks from the surrounding cafes and bars on the street around Basilica’s staircase right next to the stairs. If you are in Budapest, you must definitely reserve an evening here. You will spend quality time with a light music accompaniment.

The third day

It was my last day in Budapest today. In the early hours, I handed over my suitcases to the owner of the room and the room I stayed at. I did my breakfast and went out.

I wanted to see the Heroes Square (Hösök Tere) and turned my route there. This is a square filled with magnificent beauty sculptures. The statues are again turquoise. The magnificence is magnificent. This challenge was made with the 1000th year of the arrival of Hungarians to Europe.

There is a museum and lake around the square. I went to see them in June, but they said that this lake was used as an ice rink in the winter months. After I left Hero’s Square, I headed for the Parliament Building. When you think of Budapest, I think that the first two buildings should come to mind is this building. The second is the Castle of Budapest.

I was slowly approaching my departure time. While I was returning to the room I stopped at the Karavan and ate a burger.

This Burger’s loaf was cooked we knew. I can not say I like it too much.

There is a sweet cake called Chimney Cake that is cooked in BBQ. You can try it.

When I found out that I was a Budapesh Turk I found the possibility to chat here, when you arrive you have washed the entire city but you are well, you are still using the baths you have done and if you did you said we were hungry.

It made me very sad to go to the bus terminal and get on the Warsaw bus and leave this magnificent city.

I will come back to Budapest …

*** Some photos were taken from the internet due to data loss in my phone.