My Behzat C. Story

My Behzat C. Story

Behzat Ç. If you look at it, I did not like it when the show first started in 2010. It seemed strange, even turning around, “Come on len, that’s the series. I mean, “I mean Ankara.” As the time progressed, I was beginning to say that it was not bad as long as I put my eye together. It looks like it was in the first reaction ads.

Something started to look familiar as we watched it. It was influenced by the fact that it was filmed in Ankara, but there seemed to be something more familiar. I solved it later 🙂 Behzat was actually my neighborhood neighbor where my childhood passed Beh Behzat and his team were sitting in my neighborhood. I knew all the streets like a hunter. Almost every evening I was out of work, old quarters. If I shoot, maybe I catch it. After a few attempts, I caught the shooting team. I started watching them and I even helped them carry their set materials.

Then I put it in my head, I should have had a moment on this line. What could I do? Although I played in the theaters before, I did not have any agents. Did they work with that agency, though?

I thought what I could do … I saw Hakan’s name on the cast line. The man called the film Ankara Office and I found the address.

I went.

I was very excited when I played the door, it seemed like there was a trumpet in my heart.

The door opened, there were a few inside officers and players who played in constant auxiliary roles.

I said I’d like to meet Hakan. It took two seconds and waited … Bi seconds lasted almost an hour.

Hakan accepted me. There was a small office inside as well as a handycam camera. Audition was a role for the audience, he wanted to memorize and record in the next room.

He told me which agency sent you. I sent an agency and said I came by myself. I was surprised.

I told the situation bana gave it to me on a piece of paper. I memorized.

But it’s possible to play sweat in front of that tiny camera. I was bullshit and of course I was not.

The next weekend I went again, I came to have a role brother, I was laughing. Another paper and frustration …

The next weekend I went again, but I was going to the conversation and Hakan did not give me the paper, he saw it without talent, so it went on like this, I changed his office again and found it again.

Baktılaramıyorlar, they gave me a paper, I passed by the side memorized.

I said against the camera of my past, it was good this time but the director will decide to look at it. Actually, there is a better role, but you need to be a bit rude, not you.

I waited, I waited, I waited.

The phone rang, a fiance who is calling and Mr. Tuğrul said that I can send your address to the 52nd episode address.

The script came (I still deleted that maili)

I memorized De Niro’s “I Am Daddy” scene in the Taxi movie.

Shooting Day;

The first scene in the morning I’m going to play the staff member now. We are in a company’s office opposite the railway road in Ankara Gazi Mahallesi. My role is my friend Berke Üzrek, Cevdet … I took my caravan, changed my head. On the one hand I am still very excited to learn. The caravan door opened, Berke came. He changed his costume, and he sat in the side. He said, “What are we going to play?” I said in a week, “I did not even know what to play. He took the script, he read it at most 3 times. We played 5 times mutually. We went to the make-up table and chatted while we were doing makeup. It’s been like a long time friend. Maybe she was trying to comfort me that I was excited, I do not know, but she was very polite and humble. He was a professional player and he had been doing this for years. I was expecting it to be quite obviously 🙂

An announcement came from the radio saying, “Let’s get set ready players”

They took …

The set was second. When we went up, there were maybe 10 people in the room with lights and cameras.

I passed by, Berke lived across the board. Everyone but the cameraman came out and got a sound, Record.

I started “I was not working here on the date you said”

The first planda camera was attracting me. If you play, it’s easier than Hakan bey’s office if you look at the original 🙂

Then the position of the cameramen changed and they played backwards again, but when I spoke a lot of words in the br place, the Berke brain concentration broke up.

We pulled it again.

3. My work was done at the end of the shooting. They said you could go.

I’m gone? No, I will miss the day when I’m out of work and watching.

I met Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Berkan Şal, Fatih Artman, İnanç Konukçu, Berke Üzrek, Canan Ergüder, Mine Tugay and other actors 🙂 I had lunch with Mine Tugay on the benches in the park where my childhood passed.

I had a long chat with the assistant director Evrim Yöney.

During the shoot I ran across a garden wall with an article I wrote at the age of 10.

It’s an unforgettable day for me.

We started not to wait for the publication day, and Part 52 started.

I watched the happiness, the excitement, the strange feelings lived together.

Thank you for everything Adam Film, Behzat Ç., Set Team …

Dear Ercan Mehmet Erdem and Emrah Serbes, I would very much appreciate it if you wrote a few more episodes later …